Tycoon Gold Addon Review

Tycoon Gold Addon is an addon that makes it easier to find what is sold, allowing you to make gold more than the other. It is a new in-game addon that claim to automate the most powerful strategies in game gold led to a large increase in gold revenue. Some people confirmed 500% and more. It helps convert ‘as gold’ in a fun, fast, and highly profitable experience.

Aspects of Tycoon Gold Addon?


Tycoon gathers data from your server’s AH and calculates the best way to make gold!

  • 100% Legal. This is not a cheat!
  • Average user doubled gold per hour!
  • 100% Guaranteed for 60 days. Nothing to lose!

Play The Auction House

Discover underpriced items on the AH that can be bought and sold for a profit. There’s nothing like hanging out at the AH and pushing a button for instant profit.

Turbocharged Gathering

People often mistakenly think the highest level ore and herb make the most gold. With Tycoon, you’ll soon discover certain low level ores/herbs can make hundreds of gold more than the high level ones. Tycoon will also give you a detailed waypoint guiding you around the best zones and densely packed node locations.


Farming Hotspots

Most people have a favorite item to farm but always wonder if there’s something better out there. Chances are, there is! Tycoon knows how valuable each item is, how many you can farm per hour and the hottest farming locations with the highest drop rates.


Dungeon Runner

Dungeon running is a favorite for a lot of people. Sadly, finding the best dungeons can take forever. Luckily, Tycoon already has the answer! You’ll get a convenient list of the top dungeons with the richest loot.


Crafting Master

Finding items to craft for profit is frustrating, time consuming and requires research. Skip all that. Tycoon will instantly reveal dozens of highly profitable items to craft.


Profitable Professions

Choosing the right profession for gold making is nearly impossible. Tycoon will reveal the most profitable professions for massive gold.


Why You Should Buy It?

Regular Updates

Addons are always kept up to date with the latest wow patches and expansions.

Fast Friendly Support

Customer support will be there to help you in case of any issues.

100% Top Rated

Dynasty has always been the leader in addon creation and innovation.

Free Updates

You will receive free updates as we continue to improve the addon

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