Adsviser 2.0 is something Abhi Dwivedi had built from scratch. It is the world’s most powerful FB Ads Spy and research applications. It comes packed with more than 600,000 billboards profitable Facebook, Facebook Video Ads, Ads Instagram, the new water databases and more tons of new features!

Adsviser let your subscribers find hidden niches and TOP FB profitable advertising campaigns to replicate FB and e-commerce dominance, Shopify, TeeSpring or just about any type of market or niche with FB Traffic !

With over 600,000 profitable ads, and tons new added every week, you can easily spy on your competitors and find out what is selling right now. You can not only find ads but also their design, layout, ad copy and even landing pages. With Adsviser 2.0 you can easily spy and find the hottest physical products, popular shopify stores and their products, hot teespring campaigns, popular CPA offers and what not.


Adsviser 2.0 gives you the data you were supposed to see. With new filters, 30+ new countries and tons of new features, Adsviser 2.0 is the best FB Ads Spy & Research app out there.